Pool Art Fair 2013, New York, Elise Tak and Tobias Tak exhibition, 10, 11 and 12 May

From Canciones by Lorca, drawing Tobias Tak

from 'The Nose' series by Elise Tak

Elise Tak and Tobias Tak present a preview of 'The Spirit of Saturn' at Pool Art Fair New York 2013, at the Flatiron Hotel room 408, 26th Street and Broadway, 10, 11 and 12 May.

Visual artist Elise Tak (Brooklyn New York) and her brother comics artist Tobias (London, U.K.) present a premiere of their collaborative work "The Spirit of Saturn" at Pool Art. Here their own unique fantasy worlds meet for the first time. In this fairy tale about mankind's mortal misconceptions around divinity and mythology, Tobias' traditional drawing skills are merged with Elise's high tech 3D and CGI techniques.
Elise will also show a selection of stills from her series "The Nose" based on the famous story by Gogol. The images will be accompanied by a continuous showing of the short film "Here's what I like, Russian literature. And now I'll tell you why" by Abigail Zealy Bess and Amy Staats, for which Elise has created them.
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Tobias will display images from a series of illustrations of poems by Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca.

Both Elise and Tobias are known for their narrative art. All through their respective careers they have created their own worlds, inhabited by imaginary characters; Elise has created a multi-layered illusory world of cinema in which her ten actors discuss and satirize contemporary and historical socio-political issues, whereas Tobias' comics are fairy tales, set in a dreamlike and magical universe full of outlandish and wondrous creatures.

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